Nate and his little Buddy

Nate and his little Buddy

Daddy and son

Daddy and son

My three little kids

My three little kids

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holy cow it has been a long time since I have been on. A lot has been going on and I have been on the go lately. I have been up and down from Vernal to Orem I don't know how many time but I can say that I am so sick of it I would like to stay put for a little bit. We got in a car accident and the van was totaled so we have been trying to find a new vehicle with no luck. I hope that will change soon we need one. I am pretty sure that we will be snowed in for Thanksgiving. If that happens then we will do Thanksgiving here for Nate and his co-workers. I wouldn't mind that because most of the guys he works with are single and they don't have family around, so I would love to make them a great Thanksgiving dinner and show them how sweet Mormon women can be and maybe show them the kindness of the lord. I have been done with Christmas shopping for a month now and that is sooo nice I can actually sit back and enjoy the holiday. God bless

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wow so much has gone by since I last posted. Nate and I went to Washington for our 6 year Anniversary. We had so much fun, it was nice also because we were able to just take Grahm with us and the girls stayed at their Grandparents house. We Drove up their and stopped at Sea side and stayed at a hotel on the beach. Amazing. Then we drove up to Astoria and if no one know that is where the Gunnies was filmed it pored rain and hailed the whole time we were there. We then headed out to Forks. It was so much fun and the drive was amazing. Forks was fun we did the whole the Vampire thing and took lots of pictures. We then made our way out to la Push loved it. We then went to Vancouver Nate has Family out there so we visited with them and saw his grandpa he is a cute little man. Love him. We then made our way to Portland and then Seattle and we caught a Mariners game in Seattle. That was our trip it was one fun road trip. It was a fun 6 year Anniversary. It was so nice to come home though it's always fun to go on vaccay but it's always nice to be home.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I am so excited to spend my 6 year Anniversary with Nate. We are dropping the girls of at the grandparents houses and then we are taking off to Washington. We are going to go the grand canyon and then head up to washington. It will be so much fun. We are going to hit up a baseball game out there and go to La Push from the Twilight books and get some Twilight stuff fun fun. Nate's Idea by the way. Even though he wont admit it he really does like the Twilight books. I am spending time down in Lehi right now with family. We are going to go visit Nate's folks while we are out here before we leave tonight or Tomorrow. Write all about it when we get back to update you on the fun, well most of it some things I cannot share hehehe :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

It has been a really great day. I got so much stuff done today. I worked out this morning cleaned the whole house, made a picnic lunch for me and the girls and we went to the park. When we got back I cleaned out the garage and the van, I would say that this is a pretty successful day. Nate told me yesterday that he is going to a 22 on and 6 off. That means that he will work 22 days straight then have 6 days off. That sucks I fell so bad for my husband he is working so hard for this family. I am excited though because we are going to spend some time together for our Anniversary soon and so that will give him a week off of work. I will actually get to see him for longer than one day out of the week and an hour or two a day. my girls won't even get to see their dad today. They are already in bed and asleep yay!!! He is not home yet so they won't see him and then he has to go to work tomorrow so they won't see him until he gets off work.
Josilin is doing so good in her dance class and she has a performance on the 25 of may, she is way excited to wear a cute outfit. Leilah is getting so big and learning so fast and Grahm is everywhere. He is army crawling everywhere now all over the house and fast too. He is trying to get up on his knees so I will not be shocked if he is crawling soon.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wow what a great weekend I had with my family. We went down town to spend time with family and spend Easter with them. I love it. My mom went far and beyond to make an Easter party for the family and she did an amazing job. She had a big Easter egg hunt for all the grandkids and then gave each of them a special Easter gift just from Grandma. Wow thanks mom you are amazing. My kids had so much fun that they kinda threw a fit when we were leaving. We also spent time with Shawna Nate's mom and she gave the girls and Grahm a special gift from her. So sweet. Their grandmas love these kids. I was able to watch some of conference but I am way excited for it to come out in the Ensign so that I can buy it and read it again. What an amazing thing conference is. I am so blessed even though there are so many thing against me right now life has some challenges for me but with my husband I can get through anything.

Monday, March 22, 2010

It was such a good weekend. The kinda weekend I like. My family and I went down town to see our families. It is kinda a long drive, but it is a fun drive to me because it's when me and my husband get to catch up and just talk about everything new or old memories and just joke around and have fun. Our kids always sleep almost the whole drive if I am lucky and I usually am when I drive down by my self then they sleep the whole drive. They sleep the most part but woke up when we had a half an hour left. We spent the weekend getting to do the stuff that we never get to do because we don't have anyone to babysit. We also have no good places to eat out here. So we ate out and we went to Costco, watched Alice in Wonderland, bought the New Moon movie, and mostly hung out with family. It was a nice little quick trip. It is always good to see family. I am excited for going back in a couple weeks for Easter. I know my kids will really enjoy it. Thanks again Mom for doing a Easter Party. We got the P90X and the nutrition plan and I am really excited to do it. Get in good shape and tone my body up. I have a tanning pass also so in about three months I will look skinner, toner, and a little tanner. Way excited to get Nate into shape also!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day.
We had so much fun today. The kids and I went out on this beautiful day and played out side and went for a walk. We also went to the Rec Center and played, they got to play on a big blow up play slide and got some fun st.patrick's day stuff. I made a really fun green dinner and the kids loved it the thought it was the coolest thing ever. They thought it was so cool that they ate all their dinner. Wow I should do that more often. Nate got off work early today he was home at four and that is a treat it was nice to spend today as a family and go out and be a family. Today was good I love that my fun is spending time with my family. Good day!!!!